Newsletter Feb. 2012


NEW (cheaper) shipping possibility. 

Since 2 days we have introduced a new shipping rate for all small packages outside the Netherlands. This means that you have the option to send your package without a trace code to the rest of the world.

Price outside EU:  €20.50
Price inside EU (outside the Netherlands) starting from €10.50

It's your choice! 


BIG BOY back in stock:

 It took a while, but finally we've got them back in stock. As a wobble head figure or a money bank to keep your money safe at home (instead of giving it to Greece:)

Prices start @ €19.50


Deluxe chromed intake for the early bay:

 Finally available new chromed trims for your early bay. Get them while the're hot!

Price €49.50

klok_custom.jpg Clock for deluxe Split:

Looking for a 6 or 12 Volt clock ? Restored or unrestored ? We have them in stock. Mail us for a price quote:

Doors doors doors:

Looking for a used door ? Split / early bay / late bay, left right, sliding door. we have them in stock. Mail us for a price quote: parts@kieftenklok.nl


Brake backing plates:

  Not a product you'll easily find. We've powdercoated all the original backing plates we could find in our stock to help you out! No Repro ! The real thing !

Prices start @ €59.50 limited stock!


Rock 'n Roll seat bed:

 Sleep don't weep. This bulletproof CE full width bed fits every bus between 1955 and 1979. Easy DIY kit. Convert your panel / non camper in a beautifull dorm.

Price €485,-


Pop out time:

Need some fresh air in the split? Mount these polished aluminium CE pop outs, and get that air in the bus. Superb quality ! Complete kit with glass and all rubbers included.

Price €195,-



Original westfalia carpet for the SO42 and SO44 and the early bay untill 1973! No repro but the real thing! You will not find these anywhere else !

Price €249.50


Pick Up / Double cab NOS bows:

Ladies and gentleman, we've got them ! NOS hoop set's for your pick-up or doca!!!! Limited stock so be quick!

Price €795,- a set


 Carpet Festival:

We have loads of new carpets in our webshop for all bay windows. You want a hairy bus, we provide the correct carpet !

Price starting @ €17.50


Decal time:

Pimp your car / door / laptop / window / tailgate / bumper / mirror etc etc, We have a huuuge selection of cool decals ! 

Prices start @ €2,-


 Need brakes:

 We have a wide range of performance after market disc brakes for your split or verry early bay in stock (with TÜV!). For info click the pic. To order mail us at parts@kieftenklok.nl

To all VW friends, we often get the question to bring some parts to different meetings. We'll be happy to do that for you ! As we want to make sure you don't miss us, here's a list of the meetings whe'll visit this year:
Date Name Show Country
11 mrt. 2012 Freddy Files Ninove (No K&K tradestand) Ninove, BE
24/25 mrt. 2012 Volksworld Show (No K&K tradestand) Esher, UK
27/29 apr. 2012 Cox Lake City Annecy, France
1 mei 2012 Maikaefertreffen Hannover, DE
20 mei 2012 Aircooled Scheveningen Scheveningen Pier, NL
2/3 juni 2012 Supervw Nationals Rocamadour, France
15/17 juni 2012 Budel Budel, NL
23/24 juni 2012 European Hot Rod & Custom Show Chimay, BE
13/15 juli 2012 VW Fest Walibi Holland, NL
10/12 aug. 2012 Le Bug Show Spa, BE
7/9 sept. 2012 Busfest Malvern,UK
14/16 sept. 2012 Airmighty Summer Picnic Apeldoorn,NL

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