Only 1 more week to the HAMBURGERFEST II. June 16th it's on !

Next week it's on ! Saturday 16 june !
Hamburgerfest II ! Don't miss it !

- Free Hamburgers by Mrfijn Fijn (eetcafe Fijn)
- Free drinks by Mr. Fijn again :)
- Free music by DJ Just
- Free fun
- Take a look at our huge bus stock !
- Pinstripers that can do some art for you.
- http://www.short-cut.nl/ will display some cool bikes.
- Niels AirMighty Timmerman will be there, so get that back issues or subscription !
- And much more to see .......

We will handle all your webshop-preorders till thursday 14 june.
Grab the oppertunity and get that parts you still need with a 10% Discount !

Want to stay over for the week-end ? There are multiple camping sites in the area.
- http://www.dedikkenberg.nl/camping/home
- http://www.wielerbaan.nl/
- http://www.quadenoord.nl/
All these campinsites are real close to Kieft en Klok. A 15 minute drive maximum.

See you next week !


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