Airmighty Picnic ! This week-end 15-16 sept.

Airmighty Summer Picnic ! This week-end 15-16 sept.

After last year's succes Niels and Michiel expanded their Picnic to a full week-end meeting. Nice going guys ! We're looking forward to it...Let's make it 1 to remember ! If you want us to bring parts, just order them in the webshop ! We'll add a free (dancing) hula doll if you order for €75,- or more !!! How's that !
Just mention Picnic at your order and pick it up this week-end !
See you there !


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7-9 september ... VANFEST !!! (oh i'm sorry ... it's called busfest from now on ...)

This year we'll be there !

Kieft en Klok will be represented at vanfest by Mr. Marcel miller and Myself, Harold)!

We'll bring some nice stuff for you  :)

If you have special wishes for parts you would like us to bring to bring, please send an email to sales@kieftenklok.nl

Ofcourse we will take all your webshop pre-orders !

Busfest 2012 flyer.jpg

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Be different !

This set = 4 sale !  They don't come as cheap as the usual Empi 5 spoke's, Sprintstar repro's and Fuchs repro's ...

But damn the're hot !!!

Handdetailed unique 1 of a kind set.


Bolt pattern is 5x205 so they will fit al T1 vans, early baywindows, old beetles and much more cool cars.


Price for the set of 4 wheels including valves and centrecaps is €1150,-

Be quick !

Detailed Speedmaster.JPG

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Every Thursday: SALESNIGHT !

Just a small reminder ...

On thursdays we're here till 21.00 in the evening. Mostly we'll be wrenching on our own project car (s) !

But if you need parts and don't have the time to pick them up during the day ... PLease come along. We'll be happy to help you out.

Or if you're just looking for a summernight cruising destination... Come by and have a drink !


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A 30 degrees break gets us in a holiday mood!


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NEW in our webshop; RX anti-rust products!!


We carry the following RX products;
RX5, RX7 & RX10.

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Morgen avond (donderdag 9 augustus) hebben we GEEN KOOPAVOND ivm "Le Bug Show" in Spa.

Sommige van ons zijn dan al onderweg en de anderen druk met voorbereiden :)

We zijn dus gewoon open to 18.00 uur.

Zie jullie daar ...


Morgen (9 aug.) gibt es kein kaufabend. Wir sind geofnet bis 18.00

Tomorrow 9 aug. There's no salesnight because of "Le Bug Show" in Spa. We're here till 18.00 pm


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Our friend Barry and his baywindow

This is the way it should be :)

Enjoying the France sun and waves.


Nice Barry !

Vakantie Barry 1.jpg

Vakantie Barry 2.jpg

Vakantie Barry 3.jpg

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Rock n rollbed new Upholstery! for Irene and Michiel.

marcel ipod 001.jpg

marcel ipod 002.jpg

marcel ipod 003.jpg

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Le Bug Show Spa. Next week-end ! (10-12 aug.)


Next week-end. 10 t/m 12 aug. It's on ! Le bug show in Spa.

Get 10% discount on all webshop preorders picked up @ our tradestand !

We'll thow in A FREE T SHIRT on all orders from €250,- up.
Just mention "Le bug show + your size" when ordering and select pick up.



We'll see you there !


10-12 aug sind wir naturlich in Spa. Le bug show ist immer super ! 

JETZT ! 10% Rabat am alle webshop pre orders... UND ....EIN FREE T-SHIRT bei bestellungen von €250,- und hoher. Schreib einfach bei der webshop order: Le bug Show und ein mass T shirt. Wahl abholung bei versand.


Bis nachste woche in belgien !

Le bug Show 2012 Flyer.jpg

T shirt blauw.jpg

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