Mad Max from the SCC came by from norway.

Good see you!

max scc.jpg

seeyaa @ the spa bugshow!

Lees meer...

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Vicky and Andy on holiday:

A stop at Kieft en Klok HQ:

Viborg trip 2012 067 (Large).JPG

And a stop at the MLM museum:

Viborg trip 2012 068 (Large).JPG

See you next time! Always welcome.

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RHD Mark


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Vacation people !!!

marcel ipod 001.jpg

marcel ipod 003.jpg

marcel ipod 004.jpg

marcel ipod 002.jpg

marcel ipod 006.jpg

marcel ipod 005.jpg

From scotland,germany,netherlands,swiss,chimay,denmark.

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Dan picked up his awesome camper!


Sometimes pictures say it all

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Autocraft Beetle Parts !

As you all know we're the Dutch Autocraft distributor.

As you all know we have a 100% focus at busses and bus parts !

We've now found a company willing to do all Autocraft beetle repair panels for us.

From now on our Autocraft Beetle parts dealer is ...... Mulder Classic Parts !

So .... Restoring your beetle ?  Just visit www.mcp-classic-vw.nl or give Peter a call.

H Paneel Kever.jpg

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Order your stuff here ... not there :)


Just to let you know...We're dealer of all those companies !

So Save youselves the shipping costs, import duties and other trouble.  

We can offer you every product these suppliers sell !

If you can't find what you're looking for in our webshop, no problem.

We order stuff from these companies regularly.

Want to know prices ? Send an email to sales@kieftenklok.nl

AUTOCRAFTlogo-V4_onblack (Medium).jpg

CE Logo.png

CSP Logo.gif

Just Kampers logo 2.jpg

Wolfsburgwest logo lang.jpg

Eisparts logo.jpg

T2D Logo.jpg

Reprowesty logo.jpg

Vewib Logo bpm.gif

Flat 4 logo.jpg

Madmatz logo.jpg

Logo MCj.jpg

Volkswarenhaus logo.jpg

BBt logo.jpg

Paruzii logo.jpg

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This is where you park your Bus :)

Nice pic from Gunter, living on the Canay Islands.


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Pre-order week for Hamburger Party finishes on friday the 15th


Last week!
Discount is for all visitors of our Hamburger party next week. The discount is only for pre-orders . NOT on the day itself.
If you have a big order and want to pick it up at the Party, make sure you did the order in advance. We are unable to handle the bigger orders on the party. Pre-order discount of 10% ends on friday the 15th of june. Any questions, email us at parts@kieftenklok.nl ....See you soon!

10% rabatt fur alle besucher von die Hamburger Party am 16 Juni die vorab teile bestellt haben.

Rabatt ist NUR fur vorab bestellte teile, nicht auf die tag selbst. Bitte grosse bestellungen konnen wir nicht auf die Party tag bearbeiten wegen zu viele besucher und da wir selbst auch von dieser Party geniessen wollen. Brauchen Sie teile, bestellen SIe die jetzt so das SIe rabatt haben und wir die zeit um es vor zu bereiten fur Sie. Bis samstag meine Freunde! Es wird spass!!!!
Rabatt ist gultig bis von heute bis freitag 15 juni. Bei fragen bitte mailen anch parts@kieftenklok.nl









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Only 1 more week to the HAMBURGERFEST II. June 16th it's on !

Next week it's on ! Saturday 16 june !
Hamburgerfest II ! Don't miss it !

- Free Hamburgers by Mrfijn Fijn (eetcafe Fijn)
- Free drinks by Mr. Fijn again :)
- Free music by DJ Just
- Free fun
- Take a look at our huge bus stock !
- Pinstripers that can do some art for you.
- http://www.short-cut.nl/ will display some cool bikes.
- Niels AirMighty Timmerman will be there, so get that back issues or subscription !
- And much more to see .......

We will handle all your webshop-preorders till thursday 14 june.
Grab the oppertunity and get that parts you still need with a 10% Discount !

Want to stay over for the week-end ? There are multiple camping sites in the area.
- http://www.dedikkenberg.nl/camping/home
- http://www.wielerbaan.nl/
- http://www.quadenoord.nl/
All these campinsites are real close to Kieft en Klok. A 15 minute drive maximum.

See you next week !


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